By process optimization and innovative solutions, it is possible to further improve our customer’s competitiveness on local and international markets. With solutions and products provided by Sermatech our customers have achieved cost savings due to reliability and decreased cycle time, meaning even higher quality products.

Special machinery

We have been manufacturing customized machines during our whole history to a variety of challenging applications. This experience, we can take advantage of when developing new machinery and solutions.

Conveyor solutions

Sermatech Oy has developed different kind of conveyor solutions for pallet loads and unique primary products and raw materials. Our conveyor solutions suit’s well places where positioning accuracy and line capacity has high demands.

Robot grippers

We design and manufacture different robot grippers. We test all designed and manufactured grippers in our own robot lab to ensure functionality and decrease the commissioning time.

Packaging machines

We manufacture different kinds of packaging machines to the food industry.

Stackers and de-stackers

We manufacture various kinds of stackers and de-stackers to the food industry

Manufacturing of electric cabinets

We design and manufacture electric cabinets and control boxes according to the customer needs. Our specialty is automation cabinets. Our own electrical design team plans the cabinets and they are manufactured at our own workshop. Read more…

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