Robotics and automation solution supplier with experience from four decades

Sermatech is a Finnish automation and robotics expert located in West Coast of Finland. The area of our expertise consists all the services needed in automation and robotics projects, including design and engineering, manufacturing and assembly, installation and maintenance. We supply production lines and cells for manufacturing industry. Our products are used for example in manufacturing processes of elevators, cranes, car industry and log house building. Read more…

Engineering services

We do professionally 2D and 3D layout planning, equipment- and structural design, FEM Structural Analysis, automation design, instrumentation design, application design, and electrical design. Read more…


Our products makes real cost savings possible for our customers, because a product designed from the beginning to the end in a professional manner is both reliable and quick to deploy. Read more…

Production lines and cells

We supply our customers with high quality systems as turnkey or separate deliveries from pre-studies to installations and commissioning. Read more…

Areas of expertise

Our decades of experience in a variety of industries guarantees our clients the best possible solution also in challenging situations. Our skills include machine vision, robotics, measurements and different production tracking systems. Read more…

Manufacturing industry

Optimization of the production processes and products in order to achieve better quality and cost efficiency, improves the competitiveness of your company. Please contact us for more information on the comprehensive services.


Our personnel have years of experience in the supply of different types of design and projects in the energy industry. We have been providing service to our customers in nuclear power, coal-, gas-, diesel-, and bioplants.

Quality control

We use vision systems and other suitable laser measurement systems to different kind of accurate and reliable quality measurements.

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