Production lines and cells

Production lines and cells with experience of half-century!

Production Development • Fitting Product for Automated Manufacturing • Robotics • Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Software and Hardware Engineering • Data Collection and OEE Calculation • MES, ERP and WMS interfaces

We engineer and manufacture production lines and cells, developed for the specific needs, collaborating with our clients. The main area of our special expertise is to develop production methods invocating automation and robotics, and the engineering and manufacturing of special machinery for industrial purposes. Our company has a long and prestigious history of almost half of a century, and good reputation as a pioneer of innovating new technologies and fitting those to practical use.

The entire project flows smoothly in the competent hands of our professional engineers.

All Services from the Same Door

Production Development • Fitting Product for Automated Manufacturing

Experience of decades has accumulated as a high-quality know-how to improve the production of our clients and to create new production methods for various needs. Our experts have strong experience developing production methods and fitting products for automated manufacturing. The solutions developed by us are always refined in together with the customers. 

Robotics • Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Software and Hardware Engineering

At Sermatech we have a large number of employees working as mechanical, electrical and software engineers, closely co-operating with our own manufacturing departments.  Along with the production lines and cells our manufacturing department assembles also automatic special machinery and electrical and automation cabinets.

Data Collection and OEE Calculation • MES, ERP and WMS interfaces

With quality monitoring systems integrated in production technology we improve the quality control of the production and the traceability of single products manufactured. We make sure that the delivered system communicates with already existing MES, ERP and WMS systems.

All services from engineering to manufacturing, testing, initialization and maintenance are available under the same roof. This permits the smooth flow on either minor or major scale automation projects.


Our experience in various industries over decades allows us to use the knowledge together with our customers to develop their production, as well as production methods.

Our mechanical, electrical and software design works as a project team on same premises, to ensure that any changes are made flexible and fast. All production lines and cells are assembled in our own premises to ensure the deliveries quality and reliability, before the end of the installation at our customer’s site.


Our mechanical, electrical and software design work for the project on the same premises, so that any changes can be made in a flexible and fast. Delivered production lines and cells are FAT tested at our own premises, to ensure that the delivery meets quality and reliability standards, before the installation of the system at our customer’s site.


We also offer our customers maintenance and services for their production lines and machines to ensure the quality and functionality during the whole life cycle.

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